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Discover here the museums you can visit, the festivals that mark our city, the cultural agenda, restaurants, hotels and much more.

What to See & Do in the city


Nothing better than taking a tour in the city and getting to know its heritage, its stories and its people.

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In addition to our tours you can choose to have an immersive experience that will take you to meet the local artisans and their ancestral arts.

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From itineraries that you can do through the city and surroundings, as stories about the characters that gave color to our city.

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Among our contacts you will also get to know better not only the city but its municipality, from its beaches to the countryside.

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Restaurants at Caldas da Rainha

If you are looking for a spot to eat, this guide will surely show you where you can do it.

See where are the best Restaurants in the city

Hotels at Caldas da Rainha

If you are looking for a place to rest while visiting our region...

Find here which are the best Hotels in da city 

Tours in Caldas da Rainha & Silver Coast

Bordaliana Route Tour

It's a guided tour through the streets of Caldas da Rainha, where we will show you the 20 pieces that make the route.

Discover Bordallo Pinheiro and the pieces that make up the  Route.

Historical Caldas Tour

Besides having what is considered the oldest Thermal Hospital in the world, and the D. Carlos I Park, which is certainly a treasure to be discovered, this is your opportunity.

Take advantage of your free time to book our Historical Tour.

Obidos Medieval Tales and Secret Spots

Obidos Medieval Tales and Secret Spots is one of the ways to visit the village in a fast and at the same time

to meet theheritage and history.

Fátima, the path of Faith

This is a way for you to visit not only the Sanctuary but also to discover the whole complex, and even the place in Valadinhos where the three little shepherds grew up. Join us

at Fátima, the path of faith  and discover their stories.

Alcobaça & Batalha Monasteries

These two UNESCO landmarks in Portugal are two architectural treasures that hold stories you'll want to know.

Book your guided tour to these two historic monuments.

Nazaré Giant Waves & Traditions

Legends, stories and traditions are all part of our guided tour! But not only that, we will also pass by the Shrine of Nazaré and much more.

Book your tour today and get to know the best of Nazaré.

UNESCO Magic Triangle

Join us on this adventure to explore these wonders of Portugal in one day! Discover the Monasteries of Alcobaça and Batalha, as well as the Convent of Christ on this guided tour.

Book your tour and  visit these UNESCO monuments.

Birdwatching at Óbidos Lagoon

Are you a fan of Birdwatching? Do you like nature? Book your experience today

and visit the amazing lagoon.

Crossing Óbidos Lagoon

This is the ideal experience for those who love nature and boating! Excellent for families or as a couple.

Book your experience today and do this lovely picnic.

Team Building Caldas da Rainha

Óbidos Escape Room

Escape Room Óbidos - The Dark Ages is a unique activity set in a medieval castle

where the aim is to ensure the group's unity.

Caldas Escape Room

Book this Caldas Escape Room - The Alchemist's Mystery,

an immersive adventure with the city as its game board..

Cooking Masterclass

Our Team Building Cooking Masterclass - will bring your team together in the kitchen

Around pots and pans.

Wine Tasting

Our Team Building Wine Tasting brings the company and its employees together for a

unique event on a traditional farm in the West region.


Our Team Building Pottery - Get your hands dirty will introduce

you to one of Portugal's most beautiful traditions.


Our Team Building Design and Creativity brings various challenges

that will put the team's creativity to the test.

Quizz Games

Our Team Building QUIZZ GAMES - In the end only one can win is a set of questions and

challenges designed with interaction in mind.

Murder, she wrote

Our Team Building Murder, she wrote! Mixes the fun

of solving a crime and dinner at the same time .


Our Team Building Mixology takes us to spaces with history and joy

to mix products with local tradition in the West Coast region.

Jobs in Caldas da Rainha

Here you have the opportunity to read our guide about the best fields and areas around the city to start a new live.

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Visit Caldas da Rainha: News

New Car Park

The City Council created a new parking lot in the city.

Follow our article to know more about Where it is

Fruit Square opens again

Expoeste opens its doors to the "new Fruit Square", a temporary measure that allows the flow of local production.

Explore more about the News in our article

Visit Caldas da Rainha: Cultural Agenda

Jam Session Hot Club

The CCC's restaurant area has opened its doors again!On the 27th there will be a Jam Session Hot Club

Find out here all about here!Free entrances.

Lua Amarela

The play Lua Amarela opens on January 31st. Find out more about what's happening at Teatro da Rainha

For more informations about the play read our article guide here

Caldas nice Jazz Festival

Since 2012, this annual festival has been held at the Cultural and Congress Center in the city.

Find out here all about Caldas nice Jazz Festival

Annual Events

There are many and varied events that take place in the city throughout the year, from the most popular to the most artistic, everything counts to liven up the crowd.

Explore the Annual Events guide here

Fair of Antiques

This event is held in the Expoeste pavilion and is one of the great local pilgrimages. The fair presents a bit of everything.

See when the Fair of Antiques is usually held

City festivities

In honor of Nossa Senhora da Conceição the city festival is held every year on August 15th.

On this day the city dresses up! Read here what happens at the City festivities

Visit Caldas da Rainha: Hot Springs

Thermal Hospital

Our Thermal Hospital is considered the oldest in the world! Installed in the city center is an icon that you must visit.

Find out here why the Thermal Hospital is the oldest in the world

City Thermal Complex

The city was founded in the year 1484 and from that moment the waters were the motto for its development.

Get to know the whole Thermal Complex that is part of the city

Visit Caldas da Rainha: Ceramics

The history of ceramics here began with Queen D. Leonor and the foundation of the Thermal Hospital, but continued and generated a movement that still lives in the city today.

Take advantage and enjoy our lovely guide on Ceramics

We want to bet on the great ceramic masters who populate the streets of the city with their workshops and their energy, developing experiences in which everyone can participate.

Book your Ceramics Experience with us

The Ceramics Museum of Caldas da Rainha is helded in an old palace of the XIX century.

Explore with us the Ceramics Museum

Visit Caldas da Rainha:

Bordalo Pinheiro

The Story of Bordalo Pinheiro

Bordalo Pinheiro was one of the emblematic Portuguese characters of the XIX century. He did a little of everything in life, but it was here at the Silver Coast that he dedicated to ceramics.

Get to know the story of the great master Bordalo Pinheiro

Bordaliana Route

The Municipality launched the Bordaliana Route, a set of twenty "gigantic" pieces scattered throughout the city.

If you want to know more about the route, book a Tour here with GoCaldas

Bordalo Pinheiro Factory

The original earthenware factory ordered to be built by the Pinheiro brothers no longer exists. But you can visit the factory that Gustavo Pinheiro, son of Bordalo built to follow in his father's footsteps.

Get to know more of the Bordalo Pinheiro Factory with us

Visit Caldas da Rainha: Featured

This is the opportunity to get to know this picturesque village leaning against the Atlantic Ocean known for its beach and lagoon. Destination of choice, it is a great place for water sports due to the "winds from the West".

Discover all about Foz do Arelho 

Welcome to the largest coastal lagoon in Portugal. This is a place for pilgrimages for those who enjoy walking, cycling, bird watching and also water sports such as Kitesurf or Paddleboard.

Explore the Óbidos Lagoon

Featured at Silver Coast

Óbidos is one of the seven wonders of Portugal! The walled village with its narrow streets awaits you.

Discover our page here with everything you need to know about Óbidos

This traditional western village offers much more than the giant wave! Beach and nature mixed with history!

Follow our tips and come visit our page with everything about the village of Nazaré

The wave capital has fantastic beaches, a fort that is a museum, the Berlengas archipelago and much more to visit.

Discover with us all about the city of Peniche

More than its charming Monastery, you have pottery, fabrics and a Roman village to explore.

Monasteries, Palaces and many pastries in Alcobaça

Welcome to the district capital!

Discover with us all about the city of Leiria

Visit Caldas da Rainha: Museums

José Malhoa Museum

The José Malhoa museum is the first building in Portugal to be designed for museological purposes and for that is national reference.

First of all discover here all the details about the José Malhoa Museum

Ceramics Museum

The Ceramics Museum has a considerable collection in its space. In this XIX century palace you have the opportunity to discover a little of the past and the present of this activity in Caldas da Rainha.

In addition, here you have an opportunity to learn more about the Ceramics Museum

Hospital Museum

The Hospital e das Caldas Museum reserves a collection related to the life of the Thermal Hospital founded in 1485 in our city.

In addition to the Book of Commitment, exploring our Hospital and Caldas Museum

Cycling Museum

Installed in a building with Art Nouveau architecture full of "Verde Caldas" tiles, the Cycling Museum presents a collection linked to cycling on the 1st floor and on the ground floor it presents temporary exhibitions.

So you get to know a little more before visiting the Cycling Museum

Arts Center

The Arts Center is a space dedicated to sculpture and houses several museums and ateliers that are free to enter. 

Welcome to the Arts Center

Leopoldo Almeida Museum

Leopoldo de Almeida was a great Portuguese sculptor master linked to great works like the Padrão dos Descobrimentos and the statue of the Marquis of Pombal in Lisbon.

Here you have the opportunity to find out more about Leopoldo Almeida Museum

Bernardo Museum

The Bernardo museum was born from the PBernardo association in Caldas da Rainha and is linked to the contemporary art movement. To be able to know if there is any patent exhibition you should call first.

Get to Know all about Bernardo Museum

Barata Feyo Museum

The Barata Feyo museum in Caldas da Rainha is part of the Arts Center. Entry is free and there you will find a large part of the architect's works.

Explore all the details here before visiting the Barata Feyo Museum

Visit Caldas da Rainha: the Parish

Nossa Sª do Pópulo, Coto e São Gregório

The historic center of the city joined two rural locations. Take advantage and explore the various monuments associated with these places.

Get to know all about the União de Freguesias de Nossa Sª do Pópulo, Coto e São Gregório

Santo Onofre e Serra do Bouro

Santo Onofre is together with Nossa Senhora do Populo, two of the former urban parishes. Here you can find the Theater, Library among other structures. The rural parish Serra do Bouro has fantastic views over the Atlantic Ocean.

Explore all about the União de Freguesias de Santo Onofre e Serra do Bouro

União de Freguesias Tornada e Salir do Porto

Tornada and Salir do Porto are two locations that mark the territory of the municipality. You can explore the nature of Paul de Tornada or the largest sand dune in Portugal in Salir do Porto.

Take the opportunity to explore Tornada e Salir do Porto


Our first king, D. Afonso Henriques passed this lands before the city of Santarém was conquered! The rural landscape can make you want to go hiking on its valleys and hills.

Get here the information you need about the parish of Alvorninha

Carvalhal Benfeito

Carvalha Benfeito is undoubtedly a rural parish. Here the weather is hardly noticeable, and the best thing to try is a walk in the forest of Mestras.

Explore the parish of Carvalhal Benfeito


Welcome to the Portuguese capital of Quail! Here about 80% of the national production takes place where you even have a gastronomic festival dedicated to this bird.

Bring a fork and a knife to explore the parish of Landal

Salir de Matos

When it comes to rurality, the parish of Salir de Matos is an excellent business card. Here you will find beautiful restaurants and excellent local accommodation.

Let´s get to know more about Salir de Matos

Santa Catarina

This is the home of the local cutlery! There are many poles scattered throughout the parish where you can purchase pieces of great value, which is one of the great national traditions.

Get to know more about Santa Catarina parish


The parish of A-dos-Francos is located at one end of the municipality and it is also marked by features of rurality.

Explore the A-dos-Francos parish


Vidais also reflect the passage of the first Portuguese king through his lands and the Arco da Memória is the monument that marks this passage.

Discover the best of Vidais 

Foz do Arelho Parish

Foz do Arelho is the beach of excellence for the inhabitants of the people around this area! Here you can walk, do water sports like PaddleBoard or SUPboard.

Browse here and find out more about Foz do Arelho


Nadadouro is a small parish in the municipality known for its Óbidos Lagoon, lamprey and Carnival festivities!

Explore here the parish of Nadadouro