UNESCO Magic Triangle

UNESCO Magic Triangle

To do the UNESCO Magic Triangle with us is to get to know some of the most relevant architectural works in Portugal, and of course all the stories associated with them.

During this full day we will visit the famous monasteries of Alcobaça, Batalha and the Convent of Christ in Tomar. In a guided tour that will lead you to know the foundation of our country as well as the characters that made it happen.

The Route:

We start by visiting the Alcobaça Monastery where we will see among many things the tombs of D. Inês Castro and D. Pedro. Then we will taste the famous Cornucópias (local pastry), and move on to the Batalha Monastery. Here where the “kingdom” was put in question we will highlight the Flaming Gothic and the Manueline styles. We will finish this historical adventure in the amazing Convent of Christ in Tomar the headquarters of the Knights Templar in Portugal.

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For all those who love history and architecture and want to explore these UNESCO sites, in a full day where we will discover and taste

The UNESCO Magic Triangle Guided Tour is aimed at all ages, visitors, tourists who have the curiosity to venture into these UNESCO heritage giants in Portugal.

The Tour is adjusted to the needs of each person, with several places where they can rest.

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* Get to Know the Alcobaça Monastery 
* Get to Know the Batalha Monastery
* Get to Know the Convent of Christ
* Taste Local Pastry



Every day

Tour Schedule:


Meeting Point:

Caldas da Rainha Tourism Office


2 to 3 pax (minimum 3 pax) = 140€ (each : Includes transport)

4 pax or more = Upon Budget

We do Private Tours


Upon Request

Tour Duration:

Full day (8 hours)


Portuguese, English 

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