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Extinct as a parish after the 2013 administrative reform, it became part of the current Union of the Parishes of Tornada and Salir do Porto. Five kilometers from the county seat (Caldas da Rainha), Tornada, has about 3500 inhabitants.

Its name in the Middle Ages was Cornagaa, and there is information that the Romans passed through here. Tornada would be the limit of the coutos de Alcobaça, and it was during the reign of D. João II and D. Leonor that the queen would have offered the land of this locality to the Thermal Hospital that she had founded in Caldas da Rainha in 1484.

If you like nature, we highlight Paul de Tornada where you can make a circuit and observe the local fauna and flora, or if you like heritage you can visit the 17th century mother church.

Salir do Porto

Located at the end of the county, Salir do Porto borders São Martinho do Porto (municipality of Alcobaça).

With only ten square kilometers of area and 1000 inhabitants, the locality is famous for having the largest dune in the country, about 50 meters high.

They say that it was in the old ruins of the artisanal customs of Salir do Porto that the caravels that the Portuguese used in the discoveries in the reigns of D. Afonso V and D. João II were built.

However, there are other points of interest that you can visit such as the viewpoint and the ruins of the old chapel of Santa Ana, both with privileged views over the bay of São Martinho do Porto.

Paul de Tornada

Paul de Tornada is now a Local Nature Reserve. Here you can walk and observe the fauna and flora in a circular circuit. It has 45 hectares of which 23 are flooded.

Igreja Matriz de Tornada

The parish church of Tornada was built in the XVI / XVII century and is located along the national road. Its architectural style fits Manuelino and Baroque.


The viewpoint of Salir do Porto gives us an excellent perspective not only on the bay of São Martinho do Porto but also on the surrounding area.

Duna de Salir do Porto

The dune of Salir do Porto is the largest in the country, about 50 meters high. However, it is said that this was once the largest dune in the whole of Europe.

Capela de Santa Ana

Nowadays the chapel of Santa Ana is very degraded but in the 20th century the village of Salir do Porto still made processions up the hill.

Ruínas da Alfândega Artesanal, Salir do Porto

It was in these ruins on the beach of Salir do Porto that the Portuguese caravels were used for the discoveries during the reigns of D. Afonso V and D. João II.

Contactos da União das Freguesias de Tornada e Salir do Porto

These are the contacts of the Union of Parish Councils of Tornada and Salir Porto:

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