Santo Onofre e Serra do Bouro

What to see and do in Santo Onofre and Serra do Bouro

Santo Onofre

Former urban parish of Caldas da Rainha with about 12,500 inhabitants. The name comes from a figure of Santo Onofre that is in Quinta dos Pinheiros.

The emergence of Santo Onofre is linked to Bairro das Águas Santas, a neighborhood where medicinal water springs were discovered in 1852. Later on, a thermal spa will have been built, which is now deactivated.

Its origin was made through humble people who built their houses in this area, giving rise to the Bairro da Ponte, Bairro das Morenas and Bairro dos Arneiros.

Here in this neighborhood with great worker influence we find some of the largest institutions in the city such as PIMPÕES or ARNEIRENSE.

Serra do Bouro

With about 700 inhabitants, Serra do Bouro was the least inhabited parish in the municipality of Caldas da Rainha.

This rural area has its limit with the Atlantic coast offering beautiful views and trails that can be covered.

Serra do Bouro once belonged to the municipality of Óbidos and its main points of interest are the Mother Church with its gilded carving and the “Cemitério dos Ingleses”, which can be seen in the local cemetery and which had its origin in the shipwreck SS Romania that was shipwrecked on the beach at Foz do Arelho.

Santo Onofre: Biblioteca Municipal

Formerly in Parque D. Carlos I the municipal library can be found today in Bairro da Ponte (Bairro Além da Ponte) along the main road that connects the city to Foz do Arelho.

Santo Onofre: Teatro da Rainha

Teatro da Rainha is a theater company with thirty-five years of activity. While the new infrastructures are not yet finalized, you can always see their pieces in the Sala Estúdio of Teatro da Rainha - Rua Vitorino Fróis - next to the Municipal Library.

Santo Onofre: Centro da Juventude

The Youth Center in Caldas da Rainha is responsible for a set of activities for young people such as dance, theater, concerts, etc.

Serra do Bouro: Igreja Matriz

Igreja Matriz da Serra do Bouro at Caldas da Rainha

The Nossa Senhora dos Mártires church has its origins in the VXI century and has some Manueline characteristics as its portal.

Serra do Bouro: Cemitério dos Ingleses

The Cemitério dos Ingleses or the "English Cemetery" can be found in the local cemetery and had its origin in the shipwreck of the ship SS Romania that sank on the beach of Foz do Arelho.

Parish Contacts

If you need to contact the Union of Parishes of Santo Onofre and Serra do Bouro you should send an email to: [email protected] or contact by phone to: 262 979 490.

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