Jobs in Caldas da Rainha: the guide

Are you looking for a job in Caldas da Rainha?


he bankruptcy of most of the ceramic factories in Caldas da Rainha transformed the city significantly.

Now the city is known for being the capital of traditional trade, mainly because there are so many stores that sell a little of everything.

Thus, from clothing and footwear stores to interior design stores, opportunities grow day by day.

We can also add to the stores Banking and Real Estate Agents whose segment has been increasing due to foreigners' demand for houses.

In addition, and finally, we highlight the Fitness & Wellness area with a large set of gyms spread throughout the city.

Another way to get started quickly is the Call Center area. Yes, in the city there are some companies betting on this segment of customer services.

For a city with about thirty thousand inhabitants, we highlight the large number of hypermarkets which can also be an asset for those looking to be quickly included in the job market.

As a complement, there is Rodoviária do Oeste, a large company in the field of transport that always offers for drivers.


Tourism in the West has been growing due to many factors, namely surfing in Peniche and Nazaré, but also wine in the Alenquer area, golf and the cultural segment in Óbidos.

Caldas da Rainha plays a crucial role in the sector as they are territorially in the middle of all these tourist spots.

In this sense, the hotel industry has been growing and can always be a good bet for those looking for jobs in Caldas da Rainha.

That, or try the restoration. This segment has been increasing the offer in the city and could be an asset for those who want to start working immediately.


Despite its urban approach and being inhabited by around thirty thousand people, the city has a profound rural character.

A good example is Praça da Fruta, the only open market open every day in Portugal, full of vegetables and fresh fruit.

Therefore, there are several companies that need employees to take care of the fields and carry out the harvests as well as in the warehouses-

A strong season in agriculture is the time of harvests that start in June and can go until October. We highlight the picking of pears and apples, and nowadays the supply of labor for the harvesting of wild fruits has been growing.


Since the end of the XIX century, the city has grown culturally. The increased demand for the thermal baths of Caldas da Rainha, where the presence of the nobility was constant, caused several structures to appear in the city.

Today the city has twelve museums, a professional theater company and a cultural center and conferences of enormous quality.

Large events are produced throughout the year in Caldas da Rainha and the new pertussis is an old Fruit Fair.


After the fall of the ceramic industry in the city, many factories had to close their doors.

The industrial area of Caldas da Rainha is the main focus and where two large factories related to the ceramics sector still work: Bordalo Pinheiro and Molde.