Fair of Antiques at Caldas da Rainha, GoCaldas Official Touristic Guide
Fair of Antiques at Caldas da Rainha, GoCaldas Official Touristic Guide

The Fair of Antiques at Caldas da Rainha is in the Expoeste

The Fair of Antiques at Caldas da Rainha is back. In the opinion of the executive director of Expoeste António Marques th is the largest and most famous indoor fair of Antiques in Portugal.

The event will take place at Expoeste Pavilion from 27, 28 and 29 October 2017 and will be the 12th Edition, proof of maturity of the “Caldense” event.

The largest and most famous indoor and antique fair in Portugal, with more than 300 vendors and around 20,000 visitors, is opening its doors in Caldas da Rainha, at the Expoeste Pavilion.

This year the event occupies over 10,000 square meters, dedicated to a crowd of visitors and vendors from all over the country.

What to See?

From the finest pieces to collections of all kinds, crafts and arts, from blacksmith’s forge to cooking books, in an environment that engages visitors in the experience and adventure of searching for the things that populate the memory of the past.

The city of Caldas da Rainha is once again the Capital of Antiquities and Oldies and once again we can see the pilgrimage of collectors and those who are looking for some specific piece, from the simplest antique object to the fancy luxury items.

The Caldas da Rainha Antiques and Antiques Fair represents the opportunity to get a different gift for family or friends, among so many options, which meet all tastes and above all pockets, at prices never seen before.

Expoeste becomes the capital city of Antiques, featuring 10,000 square meters of authentic bazaars in lively themed streets.

Among the arts and crafts stands are collecting and decoration, antiques, vinyl records (LPs), rare and old books and magazines, toys, crockery and rustic furniture. Jewelery, cushions, lamps, bonsai, general trinkets, oriental goods, radios, turntables and televisions of olden times, chandeliers, furniture and decorative pieces, sculptures, chandeliers, antique coins and household goods, ornaments, candles, clothes used, wood carvings, leather goods, decorative arts, canvases and paintings, mechanical parts among many other curiosities. Antique shops are also present, along with collectors of all kinds, who welcome thousands of people looking for rarities.

Quality of products displayed

Fair of Antiques at Caldas da Rainha is known for the high level of its products, and today represents a true phenomenon in the panorama of trade shows specialized in this sector of economic activity that has been gaining weight in Portugal.

Expoeste Pavilion Location

The Expoeste Pavilion is located near one of the Caldas da Rainha city exits, Rua Infante Dom Henrique, and next to the A8 heading south to Lisbon (45 minutes’ drive) or north towards Leiria (30 minutes) on a trip).

It has an extensive car park that makes it easy for those wishing to use the car for  travel.

Expoeste Contacts

  • ADIO – Associação para o Desenvolvimento Industrial do Oeste
    Centro Empresarial do Oeste – Av. Infante D. Henrique, nr. 2
    2500 – 918 Caldas da Rainha – Portugal – facebook.com/ExpoesteAdioPortugal/
  • Phone – 262832321
  • Mobile- +351 – 962331674
  • E-mail – [email protected]

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