Caldas da Rainha Festivities


Festas da Cidade Caldas da Rainha Eventos Anuais, 15 de Maio, Gocaldas, o teu Guia Turístico Local

May 15th marks the Caldas da Rainha Festivities

The May 15th Municipal Holiday marks the Caldas da Rainha Festivities one of the many Annual Events, with the particularity of celebrating our identity, our community and our founder.

And during this day everything is decked out to celebrate its foundation, at the initiative of the well-deserved Queen D. Leonor, who here ordered the construction of our Thermal Hospital, the main responsible for the development and progress of our land over the centuries.

From concerts, sports activities, exhibitions, children’s entertainment, theater and bullfights, there is a bit of everything in the celebration of the Festivities of the City of Caldas da Rainha!

In bathing season, it is also on this date that the Thermal Hospital opens its doors and welcomes the inhabitants of Caldas who wish to visit it.

Festas da Cidade Caldas da Rainha, 15 de Maio, Eventos Anuais

Where everything happens?

Praça 25 de Abril becomes the main stage of the City Festivities, and is where the most emblematic event of all celebrations takes place, the concert followed by fireworks.

This is that moment that has become a brand image for the people of Caldas and of which the whole community keeps memories from generation to generation.

GoCaldas suggests a walk through the square, with churros in hand and a camera to record the pyrotechnic show!

Other activities

Amor Electro Feriado Municipal das Caldas da Rainha

Caldas da Rainha Festivities:

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