What to see and do in Carvalhal Benfeito

The parish of Carvalhal Benfeito is in the municipality of Caldas da Rainha with an area of 13.95 km² and 1,279 inhabitants.

It says that the name of Carvalhal comes from a noble family with this surname being the 13th century pointed out as the one of its foundation.

Capela das Antas

The Antas chapel has as patrons Santa Maria and São Brás and was built before the Middle Ages.

Capela de Santa Ana

The chapel of Santa Ana is in comparison with the other churches and chapels the most recent of all.

Igreja Paroquial

The church was built after the Middle Ages and suffered renovation in the mid 20th century in the 70s.

Nicho do Casal Novo e Nicho da Osseira

This is a good example of the effect of the relegion on the rural areas.

Mata das Mestras

Mata das Mestras makes part of several parishes in Caldas da Rainha and is an idyllic place for a stroll and perhaps a picnic.


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