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For Free in Caldas da Rainha the Official Guide

For Free in Caldas da Rainha, Arts Center

For Free in Caldas da Rainha is a guide where you can find some tips on initiatives, places and spaces where the Free Entry, either in Caldas da Rainha or Foz do Arelho.

Diverse activities, thinking of different audiences, with a common denominator, Here, you don't pay!

Whoever told you that you have to spend money to have fun, never came to visit us and that is why we challenge you to come and visit us with the guarantee that we will provide you with a free experience and where what you are going to cost is no you can do everything at once!

From culture, to physical activities, without forgetting nature and history, in Caldas there is a lot to see without having to spend a cent!

For Free in Caldas da Rainha - Annual Events

Throughout the year our city promotes many events, some of which are repeated every year, and guess what ... in some of these events the ticket costs ... zero, ... nicles, ... rien, ... ball!

And as luckily there is no lack of variety in the number and the theme of these annual events, you will hardly find one that does not meet what you always wanted to do without spending money!

So we can guarantee that you will come at what time of the year, you will certainly find what to do and we leave you here some tips to be able to know when you should come here.

The beginning of the year gives you the Corsican carnival that is at least 5 days long and that can be seen through the streets of the city, in the month of February. Carnival is a tradition in our land and always at zero cost!

In May, the day of our city is celebrated, the 15th of May as we like to call it, there is always entertainment and free activities on the 14th and 15th, and the highlight is the concert on the 14th at night, this concert that, as you might imagine, you have to pay nothing to watch!

For Free in Caldas da Rainha - May Festivities

Also in May, the Oeste Lusitano is held, a fair whose theme is horses and which takes place at Parque D. Carlos I and whose access to the grounds and activities has a symbolic price of zero euros!

Still in May, Caldas Late Night takes place, an event dedicated to the most varied forms of artistic expression and which is organized by ESAD.CR students. The event takes place across the city over three days and as it could not be otherwise it will cost you nothing less ... a good hour walking around the city to get to see everything!

Jumping to the month of July, there is more to experience without “withdrawing” from your wallet.

For Free in Caldas da Rainha - Art & Culture

In even years there is SIMPPETRA, a symposium on stone sculpture, or if we were not in a city of the arts. You can watch the artists produce their work and no one will charge you for anything.

Are you tired of paying nothing? It is good not because there is so much more ... and we are only going in the middle of the year!

During the months of July and August, Caldas Anima walks the streets of the city, a street animation festival with music, magic, theater and various workshops whose purpose is, as the name says, to liven up the city center during the summer. And of course, to pay… zero!

The same can be said of the Praia do Foz do Arelho parties also in the months of July and August, which enliven the summer of our beach. For zero euros you have access to music, fun, good mood and well spent nights.

In August there is still the traditional and so typical 15th of August, which in the case of Caldas is a fair whose access is ... as they say ... free! Here there is everything, music, food and drinks, tents, carousels and everything that is typical of these events.

Also in August there is Expotur, or as we call it “The tasquinhas”, which they say is the biggest tourist and cultural event in the whole region in the summer. Here you will have a bit of everything and the starters are as usual… à borliu!

For Free in Caldas da Rainha - Other Events

At the end of October and beginning of November there is still the Caldas nice Jazz which, although most of the shows are in fact paid for, namely the concert halls at the CCC, there is still programming taking place in spaces and squares in the city whose assistance does not have to spend pilim to watch, just appear and contemplate.

At Christmas there are also activities associated with the respective court that are open, allowing you to spend only on Christmas shopping that you can do around the city.

And finally, we leave you with the tip to keep an eye on the Ceramics Festival that takes place throughout the year in various spaces and with different activities, always with ceramics as a central element.

If you want more details about these events, check the GoCaldas calendar or the Annual Events article.

Finally, we promise that there is much more, but we are sure that you should already be full of pockets with so much tassel.

For Free in Caldas da Rainha - Museums and Galleries

f your preference goes more to culture and art, sprinkled with splashes of history and with hints of heritage on top of the cake, in Caldas there is no lack of opportunities to make contact with the most varied forms of artistic expression and as always… à borlix!

In this space you will find all museums, studios and galleries where admission is always free or those occasionally may be free on some days of the week.

Here you can find information about the contacts and schedules of the various Museums and Cultural Facilities of Caldas da Rainha.

For free in Caldas da Rainha: More Art & Culture

n the group of spaces that are free every day you have the Arts Center, composed by Espaço Concas, Museu-Atelier António Duarte, Museu-Atelier João Fragoso, Museu Barata Feyo and Museu Leopoldo de Almeida whose theme is the work Concas, António Duarte, João Fragoso, Salvador Barata Feyo and Leopoldo de Almeida respectively.

Totally with borlix, and still in the context of giving arts, there is also the Bernardo Museum and Casa Bernardo although in these two cases the programming is not of a continuous nature, being necessary to check if there are any activities going on.

Finally, in the group of spaces for which the entrance is rien, there is also the Museum of Cycling whose theme focuses on the history of Caldense and national cycling.

Addressing the spaces that, being paid for, regularly promote free activities, we must mention the José Malhoa Museum, dedicated to contemporary national art, the Ceramics Museum dedicated to the history of Caldense ceramics and the Hospital and Caldas Museum, whose purpose is to present content about the history of our city.

On the first Sunday of each month, both the José Malhoa Museum and the Ceramics Museum are for free. Children up to 14 years old have free entry to all Museums.

All of these three museum spaces have in common the fact that they sometimes receive free exhibitions and activities outside the scope of the themes they represent.

Finally, there is also the Cultural and Congress Center that regularly promotes free exhibitions by simply paying attention to their theme.

For Free in Caldas da Rainha - The Knitting Gang

As we said at the beginning, there is a lot to do in our city, just for choosing what you like best.

If you like knitting, there is the Gang da Malha in Caldas, whose main objective, in Gang's own words, is “to spend evenings away from home, away from the TV, around a creative activity, in a friendly and fun group”. Do you want better?

In addition, they add that evenings can help “add some pieces to the wardrobe, discover a vocation, start a creative project of your own or with someone, create and strengthen networks and collaborations”.

To find out where and when Gang da Malha meets in Caldas da Rainha, visit the group's Facebook page!

This is another activity that you can do on Caldean soil and always without spending a cent!

For Free in Caldas da Rainha - Sports

If sport is what you’re looking for, there are also ways to do it without spending a fortune!

This is precisely what the participants of the “Grupo Não Não Mais Mais… Km” (Race Group) do, which takes you through the city streets, whether running or walking, regardless of weather conditions… which in the west are sometimes treacherous!

No registration is necessary, just show up and don't forget to bring water, lighting and lots of energy!

You can find more information about the upcoming initiatives on the group's Facebook page.

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