What to see and do in Santa Catarina

Santa Catarina is a parish in the municipality of Caldas da Rainha with about 3ooo inhabitants. This town was the seat of the municipality for almost 500 years between the XIV and XIX centuries.

Marked for being a rural area, Santa Catarina, is also recognized by the cutlery industry and where we highlight its philharmonic band founded in 1892.

Igreja Paroquial

The Parish Church of Santa Catarina is from the XVI century in Manueline style, where the two naves, chancel and sacristy stand out.


The fountain as a key element for community life.


This manor that you can find in Santa Catarina is an XVIII century building and its points of interest are its facade, the chapel, paintings on canvas on its walls.

Castro de Santa Catarina

The Castro is located in the Cabeço do Castelo area and from the estate found there is no way of knowing whether it dates back to the Iron Age but also a long-term settlement because objects were found that date back to much earlier times such as prehistory (silex sheets and silex chips), even objects from the beginning of the Roman presence (amphorae and various utensils).


The Pillory was the place where justice was done. At its base there is a staircase with 3 octagonal steps, then we have the shaft that consists of an almost cylindrical cone trunk with ring edges at the ends.

Finally, we also can see an octagonal pinecone, in the shape of a crown and hat cap with four spearhead irons at its base.


If you want to contact the Santa Catarina Parish Council you can send an email to: [email protected] or by phone: 262 927 259 or mobile: 961 360 115

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