Fruit Square opens again

The Praça da Fruta opens again in Expoeste

To sell local products, Praça da Fruta opens again

The Fruit Square opens again with the help of The municipality of Caldas da Rainha in order to help local producers.

The measure is instituted so that local producers can dispose of their fresh products instead of getting rottenin the fields.

Even though it is not the same thing, this initiative will give the possibility for the local population to have an alternative fresh market.

Expoeste was the location chosen for this purpose and the space was set up in compliance with all health standards, from the spacing between stands, to the mandatory use of masks inside the pavilion.

However, there are still some rules that have to be followed, such as the fact that customers cannot touch the products, and all handling is carried out by the sellers.

For those who do not have a mask, the Municipality of Caldas da Rainha offers one, with an employee at the entrance to distribute the same material.

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