Nossa Sª do Pópulo, Coto e São Gregório

What to see and do in Nossa Sª do Pópulo, Coto and São Gregório

Nossa Senhora do Populo

With more than 16,000 inhabitants, it is the largest population in the municipality of Caldas da Rainha. It was here that the history of the city began to be written with the foundation of Thermal Hospital and the chapel with the name of Nossa Senhora do Populo.

It is also here that you can visit other iconic spaces such as Praça da Fruta, Parque D. Carlos I, the chapels of São Sebastião and Espírito Santo and the José Malhoa museum, Hospital and Caldas museum and the Cycling Museum, or the Water Garden a work of the great master Ferreira da Silva, and at least the great stage of Caldas da Rainha - the Cultural and Congress Center.


The town is just four kilometers from the municipality of Caldas da Rainha and has about 1500 inhabitants. Its origin dates back at least to the 14th century. We highlight the 18th century São Jacinto chapel and the Nossa Senhora dos Anjos Parish Church that dates back to the XVII century.

São Gregório

One of the towns with less inhabitants - 1000, São Gregório stands out for being an area of ​​great rural influence that until 1985 had the name of São Gregório de Fanadia. We highlight the Chapel of São Gregório de Fanadia.

Igreja N. Sra. do Populo

Igreja Nossa Senhora do Populo in Caldas da Rainha

The Nossa Senhora do Populo Church dates from the foundation of the Caldas da Rainha Thermal Hospital itself - 1484.

Its architecture mixes between Gothic and Manueline, and the latter style would still be in its beginning when it was built.

Hospital Termal

This is the one that experts point to as the world's first thermal hospital. Not because of the baths, but because it was the firts time they combine water treatment with medical monitoring.

Parque D. Carlos I

We dare to say that this romantic park is one of the most beautiful in the country. With an artificial lake where you can ride a boat, with a naturalist museum and dozens of statues make this an excellent place to stroll alone, accompanied or in family.

Praça da Fruta

This is the only street market in Portugal that is open every day of the year. With a typical Portuguese sidewalk this vibrant place offers us the best that is produced in the Portuguese Silver Coast region.

Here you can find fresh fruit or vegetables, such as bread, cheese, chorizo and traditional sweets.

Museu José Malhoa

José Malhoa Museum in Caldas da Rainha

This is the home of one of the great Portuguese painters - José Malhoa, but also the home of the greatest ceramic work done by master Bordalo Pinheiro - A Paixão de Cristo "The Passion of Christ".

Museu do Hospital

Museu do Hospital e das Caldas in Caldas da Rainha

This museum stands out for its collection alluding to the Thermal Hospital where you can see some tile panels, paintings, ceramics or the Book of Commitment.

Museu do Ciclismo

Museu do Ciclismo in Caldas da Rainha

The Museum of Cycling in Caldas da Rainha has a vast collection of material alluding to the practice of sport as well as another room where he usually makes temporary exhibitions.


This is the big stage of the city and one of the best in the Portuguese Silver Coast region. From music to theater to dance and comedy, the space still has an exhibition space and a restaurant / bar.

Jardim de Água

Water Garden in Caldas da Rainha

Perhaps the largest urban work of ceramics, tiles and iron in Portugal. The Water Garden is a work by master Ferreira da Silva an artist from Porto.

Coto – Capela de São Jacinto

Chapel dedicated to São Jacinto that dates back to the XIV century.

Coto – Igreja Paroquial

This church dates back to the XVII century.

São Gregório – Capela

À entrada da localidade está situada a capela de São Gregório de Fanadia.


GoCaldas Contacts in Caldas da Rainha

If you want to contact the Union of Parishes of Nossa Sª do Pópulo, Coto and São Gregório here are the contacts, e-mail: [email protected] or by phone: 262832729.

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