Historical Caldas Tour

For History Lovers

Igreja Nossa Senhora do Pópulo, altar, Caldas da Rainha
Our Lady of Populo Church, Altar, Caldas da Rainha

Historical Caldas Tour – a walk to the past

The Historical Caldas Tour is a walk to the past of the city. An opportunity  to get to know our rich heritage, culture and art.

Based on small details, secrets or myths that easily go unnoticed or gain new dimension when seen on site.

To ensure you a visit to the most emblematic spots of Caldas da Rainha, we guarantee you a guided tour to the main elements of the thermal heritage, an important set of spaces for the history of the city which we combine with other historical elements of Caldas da Rainha.

The Walk:

Get ready for an amazing Historical Caldas Tour and meet our Queen D. Leonor “The Perfect”, Bordalo Pinheiro “The Master”, Jose Malhoa “The Paintor”, Rodrigo Berquó “The Administrator”, and the King D. João V and many others.

The first spot to stop during the visit is the most traditional Street Market in Portugal – the Fruit Square, with elderly vendors of fresh fruit, vegetables, bread, cheese or flowers…  The second stop is at the oldest Thermal Hospital in the world. After that, we will head on to the Church of our Lady of Pópulo, the Royal Palace, the Water Garden (Ceramics, Tiles and Iron), the Fountain of the Five Spouts and the D. Carlos I Park,

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For History Lovers!

For all those who are curious to know more about the city of Caldas da Rainha and its attractions, one of the most beautiful cities in Portugal!

For you who love to discover, who seek to learn and know more about the places you are visiting and who somehow want to take home an experience that is also a tour.

Caldas Histórica Tour is intended for all ages, visitors, tourists and locals who have the curiosity to venture through the streets and corners of this city of the Portuguese west.

The visit is tailored to the needs of each one, with several places to rest and taste some of the delicacies.

For reservations contact [email protected] or 961 481 448.

Caldas da Rainha Praça da Fruta Gocaldas
Caldas da Rainha, The Fruit Square, GoCaldas

Tour Highlights:

* Get to know the unique “Queens Pool”
* Walk into the Fruit Square street market
* Hear the stories about our city
* See amazing tile works




Tour Schedule:

09am and 03pm (Sundays only in the morning)

Meeting Point:

Caldas da Rainha Touristic Office


2 to 4 pax (minimum 2 pax) = 30€ (each – Includes: Thermal Hospital entrance)

4 pax or more = Upon Budget

We do Private Tours


Upon Request

Tour Duration:

 2 Hours


English, Portuguese 

Historical Caldas Tour at Caldas da Rainha
Pavillions at the D Carlos I Park, Caldas da Rainha

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