Bordaliana Route Tour

For the Ceramics Lovers

Bordaliana Route Tour, Police Man Caldas da Rainha
Bordaliana Route Tour, Police Man, Caldas da Rainha

Get to know more of the master Bordalo Pinheiro with the Bordaliana Route Tour

To do the Bordaliana Tour Route is to know the work of one of the most important charachters of the 19th Portuguese History. Get to know the very first Portuguese cartoonist and how he mixed the drawings with the ceramics.

To ensure that you take the most of Bordalo Pinheiro’s presence in our city, we guarantee you a guided tour of the main elements of the Bordalian legacy that can be gigantic pieces or amazing tile work.

The Walk:

Get ready for an amazing trip with us, locals, and come meet Bordalo Pinheiro the master who transformed the city. See the spark of the Bordallo Pinheiro Faience Factory Shop, the various tiled buildings bordalianos and the already famous replicas in giant model of the pieces made by the master

For more information about Caldas da Rainha visit the city blog.

For Ceramic Lovers!

For those curious to know more about the work of the master Bordalo Pinheiro and his passage through Caldas da Rainha!

For you who love to discover, who seek to learn and know more about the places you are visiting and who, somehow want to take home a different experience.

The City Tour – Bordaliana Route is intended for all ages, visitors, tourists and locals who have the curiosity to venture through the streets and corners of this western Portuguese city in search of the testimonials of the great master Bordalo Pinheiro.

The Visit is tailored to your needs, with various places to rest.


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Bordaliana Route Tour, Monkey´s Village, Caldas da Rainha
Bordaliana Route Tour, Monkey´s Village, Caldas da Rainha

Tour Highlights:

Get to know Bordalo Pinheiro Story
* Get to know the twenty pieces of the Route
* Listen to Caldas da Rainha Stories linked to the master
* Get to know more about the city



Tuesday to Sunday

Tour Schedule: and 

Meeting Point:

Caldas da Rainha Touristic Office


2 to 4 pax (minimum 2 pax) = 30€ (each)

 4 pax or more = Upon Budget

We do Private Tours


Upon Request

Tour Duration:

+- 3 Hours


English, Portuguese 

Rota Bordaliana Tour, Rota-Bordaliana-lobo-Rafael-Bordalo-Pinheiro
Bordaliana Route Tour – Wolf by Rafael Bordalo Pinheiro

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