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  • The best places to fish in Foz do Arelho
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  • Surf and Bodyboard in the waves of Foz do Arelho
  • Cliffs of Foz do Arelho and their Walkways
  • Penedo Furado (local attraction)
  • Temperature in the village of Foz do Arelho
  • Camper Park
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Praia da Foz do Arelho
Lagoa de u00d3bidos
Passadiu00e7os da Foz do Arelho

Foz do Arelho: 2020 Guide

Oceano Atlu00e2ntico - Praia da Foz do Arelho

The village of Foz do Arelho, belonging to the municipality of Caldas da Rainha, is ten short minutes from the city.

Today it is one of the most popular beaches in the Silver Coast, being the place of pilgrimages for countless lovers of the bathing season.

The History of the Village (and how it all started)

Bar na Praia da Foz do Arelho

You cannot disconnect the history of the village from the Óbidos Lagoon, as this was the starting point.

Foz do Arelho has in its origins a fishing community that survived from what the calm waters of the provided lagoon.

However, the land along the Óbidos Lagoon was used for agriculture, fertilized with the collected slime.

Reports come from these lands from the year 1580, where the “Quinta de Nossa Senhora de Guadalupe” gains space in history due to its importance in the “renting” of its lands for agriculture, and apparently it was from here that the place grew.

The place began to gain prominence in the second half of the XIX century, at a time when beaches began to be among the bathing priorities of tourists.

With greater affluence to the place of Foz do Arelho, it would quickly assert itself as a place of passage for some of the most important names in Portuguese society, who frequented the thermal hospital of Caldas da Rainha, often went on a walk to this location.

Among the most dignified visitors were King D. Carlos I, a great connoisseur of gastronomy, and who cookeds some plates with fish from the lagoon, or businessman Francisco Almeida Grandela, the lord of the well-known Armazéns Grandela at Lisbon, who even considered opening a branch of the aforementioned warehouses in Caldas da Rainha.

The old place was part of the parish of Serra do Bouro until 1919, and it was in 2009 that it became a Vila.

Grandela and the Stories of Lost Castles

INATEL o antigo palu00e1cio do Grandella

Grandela's passion for Foz do Arelho was so overwhelming that he not only returned here often, but even decided to build a vacation home, the former Grandela palace, whose view over the village and the Lagoon is absolutely fabulous and a must see..

Nowadays the Grandela palace is explored for tourism by INATEL as a hotel.

But Grandela did much more for the locality than simply building a vacation home.

Together with Visconde de Almeida Araújo, they were the major patrons responsible for the initial development of the most elementary and important infrastructures for the growth of Foz do Arelho.

Nowadays the village of Foz do Arelho is the tour par excellence of the inhabitants of Caldas, a place where everyone “goes for a walk” and a preferred destination in all seasons, each of which has a special charm.

In addition to the inevitable beach, another of the main attractions of Foz do Arelho is the night, time when the village becomes one of the main nightlife spots in the SIlver Coast.

Especially in summer, with bars and clubs for all tastes, including some parties on the beach that generate a lot of people.

Follow the agenda of Gocaldas and find out when these events take place and which one is more in line with your interests.

Foz do Arelho Attractions

Azulejos Bordalo Pinheiro no INATEL

There are some spaces that deserve a highlight for their nighttime dynamics.

Avenida do Mar, Largo do Arraial and Avenida Francisco Almeida Grandela are the central points of nightlife in the village and the arteries where you will certainly find the fun you are looking for.

The Caravela Café Bar - Taverna deserves a special mention here, due to the constant animation and the quality of the service, being an emblematic space of the village.

If you like good seafood, Foz do Arelho is also the ideal place to be present at the Seafood Festival, a mouth-watering event that takes place between the end of May and the beginning of June.

In addition, every year, between the end of July and the beginning of August, the Festa Branca at the beach sand and where music is the main guest.

Much more in Foz do Arelho ...

But there is more, Foz do Arelho is not just a busy beach and a night with guaranteed fun.

Another of Foz do Arelho's greatest assets is its neighboring Lagoa de Óbidos. For many years, "a Lagoa" was even the main source of livelihood for the village.

Today, although it continues to make its contribution to the local economy, it stands out clearly from the natural point of view and is greatly appreciated for its scenic beauty, for its potential for the practice of some water sports among other virtues that you will want to know.

You will certainly agree that Foz do Arelho is a must-visit place and that you stayed deserted to come and visit us!

The center of Foz do Arelho

Azulejos Bordalo Pinheiro no INATEL

If much of the fun is done on the beach or in the Óbidos Lagoon, it is in the center of the village is where you will find most of the services.

It is along the national road that cuts through the village that most of the services are concentrated.

Here you will find the pharmacy, bakery, supermarkets, bank and parish council. It is important to note that at the moment there is only one ATM in the village.

It is in the center of the village that is the square where the bandstand stands out and where traditional parties are held:

Village festival (August)
Seafood Festival (June)

Foz do Arelho Restaurants

Foz do Arelho e os seus Restaurantes

As this is a Portuguese village leaning against the Atlantic sea, the restaurants in Foz do Arelho have a tendency to offer what is most natural here, namely fresh fish and seafood... the best!

If you are a good fork, eating at restaurants by the sea or by the lagoon is one of the extras that accompanies the delicacies you will have on your plate!

Beautiful landscapes that cannot escape the glance and that are the best company for a good meal!

Summer calls for the terrace, but winter or autumn calls for more calm and more time to absorb this seaside culture.

There is also the possibility of an even more enriching Experience, for true lovers of sea cuisine, which is to buy boiled crabs directly from the vendors in the shops near the old Foz do Arelho pier and eat them with the Óbidos Lagoon as Background.

Unmissable and unforgettable!

Foz do Arelho Hotels


The village of Foz do Arelho, which extends from Lagoa de Óbidos to the beach, offers you a wide range of choices that you can make while planning your visit.

If you are thinking of spending the night here, you just have to be aware of the fact that this choice always decreases in the high season (summer), due to the greater demand / affluence.

Even so, Foz do Arelho has enough Hotels, Hostels, Surfcamps and Local Accommodation units for all tastes.

If you want you can also choose the campsite that is next to the entrance of the village or the Hotel Inatel, the one that is in the old vacation home of Francisco Grandela, and where you have the great bonus of being able to enjoy a splendid view over the Obidos Lagoon and the beach!

Still, if you don't find availability anywhere, you always have Caldas da Rainha... the journey is short... and where there is also a supply in quantity and quality!

GoCaldas Partners:



Casa dos Junqueiros

The beach and its golden sand

Zona Balnear na praia de Foz do Arelho

The beach is one of the greatest assets of Foz do Arelho, being a holiday destination for tourists from all over the world, who seek in this beach bathed by the Atlantic,

The convergence between sea and the countryside, the beautiful landscapes and tranquility that characterize the region makes the rest.

Beach with extensive sand and vigorous sea is a must-visit place, even if the beach is not “your beach”, the natural beauty of the place demands it!

In addition, during the bathing season, there are many events that help to make the beach a more dynamic place and that is not limited only to the sun, sand and sea.

Sports activities

You can count on a wide range of sports activities, some even with tournaments, diverse animations and even with a Beach Library, courtesy of the Caldas da Rainha Library, if "your beach" is more the readings and related subjects.

Sometimes, at night, there are also events and parties that bring a whole "sea of ​​people" to the beach to have fun and spend a lively night where music is loud.

Land of sea is also a land of good fish, with many restaurants where you can enjoy one of the main delicacies of Portuguese gastronomy, the fish and seafood from our coast, full of flavor… and all this with a view of the sea!

Foz do Arelho Beach is therefore the ideal place to spend a good day, whether doing the beach or taking part in the various activities you will be able to find and if you want to stay for the night, there is plenty to choose from to eat and a diversified offer for a fun evening, you just have to choose.

The Óbidos Lagoon

Mariscadores na Lagoa de u00d3bidos

he majestic Óbidos Lagoon is the most extensive lagoon system in the country, a privileged habitat for an intense and diverse fauna and flora.

Several aquatic and migratory birds can be seen in the Lagoon, also rich in fish and bivalve molluscs, which can even be purchased directly from fishermen, next to the small pier of Foz do Arelho... cooler than this you will certainly not find.

In the Middle Ages, according to ancient records, Lagoa extended to the foot of the Castle of Vila de Óbidos, which lends its name to it and since then it has played an important commercial role.

Changing ecological system over the centuries, as with all nature, the importance of the Óbidos Lagoon for the Region was realized early on and many preservation efforts that where made in orther to people enjoy and visit it in full its splendor.

Although today it has a substantially smaller area in relation to what was centuries ago, still impressing with its natural beauty and the beautiful scenery that can be found in it.

Don't forget to bring your camera ... or even your smartphone or tablet to register these wonders.

Birdwatching at Óbidos Lagoon

Observau00e7u00e3o de Aves (Birdwatching) na Lagoa de u00d3bidos

Among many other things that you can (and should) do in the Óbidos Lagoon is bird watching, some of them rare species, the best times to do this being Autumn and Winter.

This natural wetland, about six kilometers long and not more than one kilometer wide, is said by experts to be the best place for water bird watching between the mouth of the Mondego river and the Tagus Estuary.

Among many species that can be observed we highlight:


  • Royal Duck
  • Black Necked Grebe
  • Osprey
  • Kingfishers


  • Laverca
  • Barriers Swallow
  • Yellow Wagtail
  • Yellow Nightingale
  • Streaked fantail warbler
  • Great reed warbler
  • European crested tit
  • Periparus ater
  • Black rook

Rare Birds

  • Cygnus olor
  • Branta bernicla
  • Podiceps auritus
  • Ring-billed gull

Great Land Birds

  • Black-winged kite
  • Western marsh harrier
  • Common kestrel
  • Pluvialis apricaria
  • Vanellus

The best places to fish in Foz do Arelho

While for some fishing is nothing less than work, for others it is sport or just a hobby to relax after an intense day of work or during the weekend break.

Here you can find out which are the best places to launch the bait:

# 1 Beach

Due to its long sandy beach lack of space is something you will not be able to complain about. Choose the best and have fun.

# 2 Aberta

This is where the sea meets the lagoon. This indentation marked by strong currents is also a place sought by local fishermen.

# 3 Beach (lagoon side)

Known as “lagoon”, the part of the beach that is not facing the sea, offers in summer the ideal place for kids to go diving or for a swim, but also a place to be able to cast your bait.

# 4 Old Pier

Nowadays, due to the fact that the port structure is not in safe conditions, it is closed. However, many fishermen are looking for this area to be able to do their fishing.

Sport and Leisure in Foz do Arelho

Desporto e Lazer na Lagoa de u00d3bidos

Foz do Arelho offers visitors a wide range of sports activities throughout the year, occupations that have water in common, whether on the beach or in the lagoon.

Here you can do everything from sailing, windsurfing, canoeing, rowing, kitesurfing, jetski, water skiing or even stand up paddleboard or surfing, all about taste, choose .. or how!

If you don't know where to start, we suggest some of our fantastic experiences, where you will find the best there is to offer in this area.

In this regard, the best of all examples is the Lagoa Sailing School, which has established itself over the past 20 years as an ideal space to relax and leave the worries of day-to-day behind.

It is also an ideal place to be able to learn and practice many of the aforementioned nautical activities and also has the support of the best professionals in the area. Promise!

Surf and Bodyboard in the waves of Foz do Arelho

Surf na praia de Foz do Arelho

If Surf is more your thing, then Surfoz Surfschool is right for you, as Foz do Arelho is the “classroom” par excellence of this modality, where you will find the ideal conditions to practice it, whether you are a beginner or to be on a Pro level now.

For fishing lovers, the Foz do Arelho "Aberta", where the waters of the Lagoon join those of the Atlantic, is referred to as one of the best fishing grounds in Portugal.

Species such as sea bass, sole, plaice, brill, bream, aspen, mullet, and other species such as clams, cockles, mussels, shrimp, octopus, and green crab, are the guarantee that you will be able to feast on big if the fishing day goes well.

And after all these nautical activities, there is nothing like relaxing with a beautiful walk through the fantastic views that both lagoon and Foz provide.

In both cases, you can count on several walking routes that once again stand out for the variety, or with the trip to one of the bars, cafes and restaurants, snacking on anything to deceive hunger.

Cliffs of Foz do Arelho and their Walkways

Arribas da Foz do Arelho e os seus Passadiu00e7os

The village of Foz do Arelho has another attraction with regard to places for a walk or for physical activities.

The scenery is the cliffs of Foz do Arelho and the landscape is nothing less than the Atlantic in all its splendor, whether it is angrier or flatter.

If São Pedro brings us a clean and warm day, in addition to the natural beauty of the place can be seen with all clarity, the visibility will allow you to be able to see, in the distance, on the horizon, the Berlengas Archipelago, and if the detail is one of your passions, you can even see the Lighthouse of Duque de Bragança, at the top of the island.

Returning to the cliffs, the vegetation around the paths created by the wooden walkways, allows close contact with biodiversity, but with the safety and comfort that until now was not possible.

The Cliffs

In addition to the proximity of the cliffs, it gives the place an authenticity that you will not be able to find anywhere else, and that you can safely contemplate, something that was also not possible until the placement of the wooden walkways.

Take the opportunity to stroll around the 800 meters of paths, where nature is the company and the Atlantic is the backdrop.

This is also a privileged stage to watch the sunset in the company of those you love the most and register the moment for posterity.

Penedo Furado (local attraction)

This rock formation, which can be found on the road that “tears” the landscape of Lagoa de Óbidos to the parish of Nadadouro, is peculiar in its “arc” shape, and came to this way due to the erosion of wind and rain. Nowadays, the natural element is protected as it is in danger of falling.

Temperature in the village of Foz do Arelho

Praia da Foz do Arelho

Foz do Arelho presents itself with a warm and temperate climate throughout the year.

The average temperature for the village is 15.6, peaking in August at 19.7.

It says that the driest month is July, while the wettest is November.

Camper Park

The village of Foz do Arelho offers you the unique opportunity to stay overnight with a unique view over the Óbidos Lagoon.

With prices starting from 7 euros with electricity (check with the parish council if prices are up to date) you will find an ideal place to rest.

From the camperpark, it is possible to go hiking next to the Óbidos Lagoon (as it has limited routes). In addition, you can ride a bike, or do some bird watching.

In addition, in Spring and Summer, it is possible to cross the Óbidos Lagoon by boat.

How to get to Foz do Arelho

With the A8 highway very close (5 minutes), the same that connects Lisbon to Leiria, facilitates the visit to the village.

After leaving the A8, you can choose two ways to reach Foz do Arelho and the beach, the old road EN360 (exit Foz do Arelho A8) or by the most modern route (exit Zona Industrial).

Other informations about Foz do Arelho

  • Blue Flag
  • Guarded beach
  • Bathrooms with shower
  • Parking lot
  • Bars with terrace
  • Restaurants with terrace
  • Awnings rental
  • Average summer water temperature (ºC): 17-18 ºC

Other Places to Visit in Foz do Arelho

Zona de Banhos na praia da Foz do Arelho

You already have a lot to choose from if youwant to visit the village of Foz do Arelho, however, here are some more points that you will want to know:

# 1 Old Pier

Opposite the INATEL facilities is the old port of the village.

Now there is a wait for better days (closed to the public), this port has already experienced moments of joy.

Before it was a place of embarkation and disembarkation, of fishermen, and a place of diving. Today there are memories and a harmonious view of the calm waters of Lagoa de Óbidos.

# 2 Serra do Bouro viewpoint

On the old “Atlântica” road that connects Foz do Arelho to São Martinho do Porto lies one of the best views of the Atlantic Ocean.

Here you can park your car and have a moment of complete relaxation.

# 3 The British Cemetery

In the heart of Foz do Arelho is there a “Cemitério dos Ingleses”?

Yes, it was 1892 when the English sailboat “SS Roumania” sank in these waters.

The story goes that out of 113 people only 9 managed to save themselves. Many of those who were unable to survive the tragedy are now buried in the Serra do Bouro cemetery.

# 4 Dr. Jaime Umbelino Ethnographic Museum

Inaugurated in 2019 this space includes an ethnographic museum about the village of Foz do Arelho, a fishing museum, an exhibition hall, the artist's house, a wine cellar and in addition you will have the opportunity to enjoy your garden.

Foz do Arelho Tips

After all this, there are still some experiences that you have to do so that your visit to the village is unique and complete!

Follow these steps and you will not regret it.

# 1 Watch the sunset on Inatel

Go up to the Inatel hotel in the late afternoon, even before the sun sets over the horizon.

Choose a table on the terrace and enjoy life, simple. Accompany the moment with a drink, be it hot chocolate in colder times or a cold beer in the middle of summer.

# 2 Eating Seafood by the Sea

Take advantage of the tour to be able to taste the best that the sea and the Óbidos lagoon put you on the table!

Now that it is difficult to find vendors at the foot of the old pier selling live seafood, take the opportunity to rest on a terrace and order a dose of cockles or clams.

Accompanies with a glass of fresh beer or green wine.

# 3 Boating in the Óbidos Lagoon

It may not be easy, but an experience that you should do (the best times to do it are spring and summer) in the village of Foz do Arelho is a boat trip in the calm waters of the lagoon and thus enjoy a stunning landscape.

Tours you can do

If you want to explore the towns of Caldas da Rainha, Óbidos, Nazaré, Peniche or Alcobaça you can book a tour with us now!

Between the Bordaliana Route, Caldas Historic Tours, The Castle Conquest or our tour through the Silver Coast, the chances are immense.

Rota Bordaliana

Obidos Medieval Tales and Secret Spots

Caldas Historic Tour

Silver Coast Tour

Other Places to Visit in the Silver Coast

Na verdade o Oeste possui um conjunto de locais fantásticos que merecem a tua visita. Em baixo destacamos as cidade de Peniche e Alcobaça e as vilas da Nazaré ou Óbidos.

Todas estas localidades misturam várias componentes que podem facilitar as tuas escolhas: História, Património, Gastronomia, Cultura e Natureza.

The charming village of Óbidos

The giant waves of Nazaré

The charms of Alcobaça

Peniche and its Traditions

Tours and Experiences

Foz do Arelho Pictures

Praia da Foz do Arelho, surfista
Foz do Arelho, Passadiços
Foz do Arelho, Marés Vivas
@Photocracy / Lina Cruz
Lagoa de Óbidos
Foz do Arelho
@Photocracy / Lina Cruz
Foz do Arelho
@Photocracy / Lina Cruz
Foz do Arelho
@Photocracy / Lina Cruz
Praia - Marés Vivas
Foz do Arelho
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