The 6 things you need to do in Caldas da Rainha this winter

The 6 things you need to do in Caldas da Rainha this winter: Let´s visit!

The 6 things you need to do in Caldas da Rainha this winter: A Guide to Warm you up

Spot #1 Óbidos Lagoon

The Óbidos Lagoon is the perfect place for a getaway at any time of the year, however winter is the perfect time to do birdwatching, bird watching. The migration of some rarer birds has its highest point in the autumn / winter. Discover the various trails that exist along the Óbidos Lagoon and take the appropriate equipment such as binoculars or insect protection, without forgetting your shoes and warm clothing.

Spot #2 Salir do Porto Sand Dune

The dune of Salir do Porto was once considered one of the largest in Europe and will allow a good few minutes of fun! After going up, discover the fantastic view over the bay of São Martinho do Porto. If you have good weather, take the opportunity to take a blanket and a hot drink, and in the end the descent promises to be much faster than the climb.

Spot #3 Buy seasonal fruit and vegetables at Praça da Fruta

This is the only square in Portugal that has a market that opens every day of the year and you can make your purchases of fresh products such as seasonal fruit or vegetables. The market is a repository of what is produced in the region. And in addition to fruit or vegetables you can buy cheeses, sausages or homemade bread!

Spot #4 Discover the statues of Parque D. Carlos I

The romantic Parque D. Carlos I is by nature the city's idyllic place to walk, socialize and discover art. The José Malhoa Museum, home of the great naturalist painter from Caldense, and who "donated" to the Park a set of statues that can be found everywhere, including a statue of Ramalho Ortigão by Leopoldo de Almeida, the sculptor who created the Padrão of the Discoveries in Lisbon!

Spot #5 Walk on the sandy beach of Foz do Arelho

The long sandy beach at Foz do Arelho is fantastic for hiking! So the weather and the sea's swell allow it, because if the sea is rough the security conditions may not be met, but if so they can always choose the side of Lagoa de Óbidos to do so. Furthermore, in winter the beach will be less crowded and the walk will be even more relaxing.

Spot #6 Do the Bordaliana Route Tour

Master Rafael Bordalo Pinheiro opened his faience factory with his brother in Caldas da Rainha and here he developed his side linked to ceramics. As a result of its work in 2015, the Bordalian Route was launched.

This is a city tour composed of twenty pieces in "gigantic" mode of many of his works. The Gato Eriçado, Padre Cura or Zé Povinho are some of the pieces that you can find scattered around the city.

For more details book the Bordaliana Route Tour with us!

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