10 Places you Must See in Caldas da Rainha

10 Places you Must See in Caldas da Rainha: Go! Go! Go!

10 Places you Must See in Caldas da Rainha - Join us on this Mission

These are the 10 places you have to visit in Caldas da Rainha! From a swimming pool in the underground of what is considered the oldest Thermal Hospital in the world, to the coffee of the social gatherings and the painting by Júlio Pomar the city takes on a buzz, which has its high point on Saturdays in the morning, when the Praça da Fruta turns into the center of the caldense culture.

Find out which are the 10 places you have to visit in Caldas da Rainha and give us your opinion

Spot #1 Praça da Fruta

Praça da República or "Praça da Fruta", for the people of Caldas, is the icon of the city. This is the only open-air market open daily from 7 am to 3 pm. The strongest days are Saturday and Monday.

Regional products such as fruit or vegetables are sold here, but you can also find the famous Cavacas or Beijinhos, traditional sweets from Caldas da Rainha. There are other stalls that sell bread, cheese or flowers. An authentic bazaar of colors and smells that you should not miss.

Spot #2 Thermal Hospital

The Queen Dona Leonor Thermal Hospital was born from the wish of this queen at the end of the 15th century (1484/85). The original building no longer exists, but you can still visit the famous Queen's Pool in its underground, a unique space that reminds you of the foundation and spirit of the place.

For just € 1.5 per person you can have a different experience. The space is closed on Sunday afternoon and Monday. Visits must be purchased at the Hospital and Caldas Museum.

Spot #3 D. Carlos I Park

A jewel of nature in the heart of the city's historic center. Built with people's health in mind, based on Rodrigo Berquó's vision, and named after his friend and patron King D. Carlos I. This green spot has an artificial lake inside that allows you to take a boat trip rowing, the first building in Portugal to be built from scratch to house a museum (Museu José Malhoa), and also the Pavilions of the Park.

If you find it too little, you can still stroll and see the huge sculptures scattered around the space or enjoy the terraces, the playground or the tennis court!

Spot #4 Café Central

On the other side of the "Praça da Fruta", lies the Café Central. This cafe stands out for several curiosities, but here we are just going to leave a few ... Enter and you will soon come across a low relief painted by the master Júlio Pomar "O Unicórnio", a figurative work painted for another reopening of the cafe in 1955.

In addition to quick meals, you have homemade ice cream and sweets that fill the measures of this glamorous space in the city center. If it is hot, the terrace is the ideal place to stop and observe the culture of Caldas.

Spot #5 Rua das Montras

Actually it is called Almirante Cândido dos Reis street, but it was immortalized with this name by the countless traditional commerce houses that have always been part of the city frame.

Once open to traffic, today it only has a pedestrian crossing, making this street the best known in the city.

This is where the first shopping center in the city was born with its Delta cinemas. Today it is still the practice of many Caldenses to stop at the terrace of Café Venézia.

Spot #6 José Malhoa Museum

This museum has the particularity that it was the first building in Portugal to be built from scratch to house a museum space. Born from the will of the inhabitants of Caldas to intensify the struggle between Caldas da Rainha and Leiria for the role of "district capital" ...

In his collection we can find works by the naturalist painter from Caldense José Malhoa, and that which is considered as one of the great works of art of the master Bordalo Pinheiro, the "Paixão de Cristo", a set of 9 pieces on a human scale in ceramics.

Spot #7 Ceramics Museum

Installed in a beautiful palace from the 19th century, whose surrounding gardens invite to the walk and the interpretation of the space, the Museum of Ceramics includes in its collection pieces representative of the artistic activity of the city, but also of other Portuguese and foreign centers.

We highlight the core of works by Rafael Bordalo Pinheiro that accompanies the working period of the Faças Factory in Caldas da Rainha ...

Spot #8 Arts Center

Considered as the largest sculptural center in the country, here you can find the Leopoldo de Almeida Museum, the Barata Feyo Museum, the Atelier-Museu António Duarte, the Atelier-Museu João Fragoso and the Espaço Concas.

The surrounding garden with several sculptures houses SIMPETTRA, an international sculpture biennial. Entrance to all these spaces is free.

Spot #9 Bordalo Pinheiro Factory (shop)

This is no longer the original space of the Faience Factory of Caldas da Rainha. The current buildings are part of the factory built by Manuel Gustavo Pinheiro who wanted to continue the work of his father, Bordalo Pinheiro.

Today, the Bordalo Pinheiro factory is also not operating in this location, leaving only the factory store here where you can acquire the latest trends such as the famous "Sardines".

Spot #10 Jardim de Água

Probably the largest urban ceramic work in Portugal. Designed and implemented by Ferreira da Silva, Porto master who chose Caldas da Rainha as his second home.

The work began in 1993 and took about a decade to complete. The artist's creation combines fragments of glass, iron, tiles and ceramics, and is located at the back of the Hospital and Caldas Museum.

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