Sites to Holding Hands in Caldas da Rainha

Sites to Holding Hands in Caldas da Rainha: What a Life!

Sites to Holding Hands in Caldas da Rainha - A Lovers Guide

Inatel at Foz do Arelho

Here is the itinerary for everyone to know which places to go hand in hand in Caldas da Rainha, a unique city where you will find many different places that make any Portuguese city envy.

It is interesting to mention in this small gift with which we decided to present the most romantic, the most wonderful places in the city, those that by their scenic and scenic composition, seem to come out of any film and where we just feel like walking hand in hand and enjoying the pleasure that it is to have someone on our side.

The diversity of places is great and there is something for everyone. From parks to woods, from beaches to lagoons, not forgetting gardens, alleys, alleys and maybe even squares full of noise.

The choice is all yours and we are sure that, whatever it may be, success will be guaranteed

If you want to surprise your most of all, come to Caldas and surprise your better half.

Sites to Holding Hands in Caldas da Rainha #Spot 1: Parque D. Carlos I

Parque D. Carlos I is our first tip for those who like to walk close together and want to enjoy the company of the better half

It is a romantic garden, which was designed precisely for walks and to enjoy nature and where the landscape and the nooks will certainly delight lovers.

The park is in the city center and has very good accessibility, being easy and quickly accessible wherever you come from, which is why it is an obvious choice.

In the park grounds you will find more than green spaces and nature as you will find an artificial lake, in which, if it is summer, you can always grab your most of all and take a rowboat ride, in a memorable encounter.

Sites to Holding Hands in Caldas da Rainha #Spot 2: Rua das Montras

Rua Almirante Cândido dos Reis or simply Rua das Montras is the best known and busiest street in our city.

This is the street that forms the bridge between the historic area of ​​the city and the center, being simultaneously one of the main reasons why Caldas da Rainha is known as an open-air “shopping center” due to the importance and dynamics of traditional commerce.

In this sense, hand in hand with your favorite company, lead the dance between the shop windows of the many stores that are found here and inside, discovering, together, the small pleasures that you can only find here.

But the street is not just shop windows, they are buildings of unique design and artistic notes that deserve to be photographed!

On the walls of some of its buildings, discover tiles by master Rafael Bordalo Pinheiro and his disciples, and try to get a sense of the historic vastness that this city has to offer.

If strolling and sightseeing is what you are looking for in Caldas da Rainha, Rua das Montras is one of the places to visit and not to be missed under any circumstances.

Sites to Holding Hands in Caldas da Rainha #Spot 3: Praça da Fruta

The Praça da República, or as we call it, the “Praça da Fruta”, is the ideal space to not let go of those who accompany you and the best starting point to discover a little of the rhythm and culture of the city.

It is here that the only market that operates every day of the year in the open in our country unfolds.

It is also here that where you can find a range of fresh products such as vegetables, fruit, nuts, cheeses, sausages or homemade bread with the quality that you will not find anywhere else.

In addition to not letting go of the hand of those who accompany you, you can still pamper your company, with the offer of a flower or perhaps a piece of ceramics, that artistic expression that so projected Caldas in the country and abroad!

Sites to Holding Hands in Caldas da Rainha #Spot 4: Capela de São Sebastião

In 2009, the Maratona underwent a remodeling in its presentation but remains one of the favorite sociability spaces of the inhabitants of Caldas.

Today the Marathon is not just a cafe, it also has a restaurant / lounge, adapting to the ambitions, trends and demands of the public. The games room does not accompany this new stage of Maratona life.

What most distinguishes the Marathon offer, whether in the cafe or in the restaurant, are the constant search for new concepts, new services for each moment.

The restaurant offers a remarkable variety of starters, vegetarian dishes, meat and fish dishes and unique desserts.

At the Café, the offer is no less varied and delicious, with emphasis on natural juices, salads, sandwiches, pies and toast, but also pancakes, crepes, waffles, wraps and tortillas, not forgetting hamburgers.

An experience not to be missed and that you can follow here.

Sites to Holding Hands in Caldas da Rainha #Spot 5: Óbidos Lagoon

The Óbidos Lagoon is a unique example that you can only find in the West of Portugal.

If you like to walk or even be a little more radical, this is the ideal choice to give your heart a hand and enjoy these magnificent airs that only the Óbidos Lagoon can provide you!

The lagoon has a circuit that allows you to walk close together and enjoy its stunning view, on any of the banks of the Lagoon.

If walking with your better half is the most important and the duration of the tour has no limit, here you will certainly be able to lose yourself for a few hours, always with the beautiful scenery of the lagoon as a backdrop and the surrounding vegetation as shade.

Sites to Holding Hands in Caldas da Rainha #Spot 6: Water sports and unique sunsets

If you are more radical, go to the Sailing School of Lagoa and try, with a professional instructor, a range of extreme sports such as kitesurfing, Paddleboard and others.

At the sailing school you can also enjoy one of the most beautiful sunsets in the region.

For the most romantic and those who like to ignore romance and nature, our tip is for a walk around the Óbidos Lagoon with no time limit.

For all those who do not know what to do, where to go or the places to visit, Lagoa de Óbidos is one of those secrets not to be missed, such a combination of different reasons of interest and an absolutely stunning scenery.

Sites to Holding Hands in Caldas da Rainha #Spot 7: Foz do Arelho beach

If you can, go around the beach, passing the sea and ending up on the other side of the lagoon.

Don't forget to take a photo with the “Gronho” in the background. Gronho is the name of the visible cliff of Praia dos Belgas, which is located in front of Foz do Arelho.

Furthermore, we invite you to go to the sunset, because if the sunset at the Sailing School of Lagoa is one of the most beautiful, the one on the beach is not far behind.

Seated and cozy, enjoy the fantastic show.

That said, you can always end the romantic afternoon on one of the terraces that are located on Avenida do Mar and make plans for a well spent night.

Walking is good at all times, visiting Caldas da Rainha too, follow the tip of Go and come and enjoy this scenery not to be missed.

Sites to Holding Hands in Caldas da Rainha #Spot 7: Cliffs of Foz do Arelho

So you just have to grab your most-of-everything and go for a walk on the 800 meters of routes, where nature is the company and the Atlantic is the backdrop.

This is also another privileged stage to watch the sunset in the company of those you love the most and register the moment for posterity.

As you can see in this article, there are several places where you can walk with yours more than anything, the hard part will be choosing what to do, where to go, what to visit, there are so many options.

In order to make the most of it, our advice is to spend in all these places not to be missed and thus be able in the end to choose your favorite place.

Our only certainty is that you will have a difficult task in choosing the best one.

Other Tips

If you still have breath, rest on one of the beautiful terraces you can find, and relax with a cool or hot drink depending on the season.

Parque D. Carlos I is also home to the José Malhoa Museum and a collection of art related to painting, sculpture and ceramics that makes it an excellent place to stroll.

With the recent viewpoint installed on the lake shore, close to the bridge that connects the lake to the island, you can register the moment and have one of the most emblematic sceneries in Caldas as a backdrop.

Don't forget to hold your partner well, so that you can discover the park's secrets together.

If you come to Caldas and do not know what to do, you do not know where to go or what places to visit, follow our advice and enjoy this wonderful panorama provided by Parque D. Carlos I, as it is one of those places not to be missed when speaking order is to stroll.

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