Thermal Hospital in Caldas da Rainha


Thermal Hospital in Caldas da Rainha

The Thermal Hospital in Caldas da Rainha, was born from the will and the excellent sense of opportunity of Queen D. Leonor, who according to legend gave the waters by chance when she would have seen people bathing in a pool where the Hospital would be born Thermal, at the end of the XV century.

Meritorious queen, D. Leonor immediately realized the healing benefits of the Waters, which she is said to have enjoyed. Here he created a hospital care unit, thinking mainly of the most needy, unable to pay for treatments, based solely on thermal treatments.

Located in Largo Rainha D. Leonor, among the Caldenses (nickname for the people who live in Caldas da Rainha) simply “Largo do Termal”, the unit was totally renovated in the XVIII century after the visit of D. João V by Caldas da Rainha to use its waters.

He says that Engineer Manuel da Maia was responsible for the work, he who would later be one of the workers in the reconstruction of Lisbon after the great earthquake of 1755.

Later, in the 90s of the XIX century, the building underwent new renovations during the administration of the architect Rodrigo Berquó, of which the addition of the third and last floor stands out.

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