Hospital and Caldas Museum at Caldas da Rainha


The Hospital and Caldas Museum at Caldas da Rainha, is one of the gateway to the history of this city that was founded with the implementation of the world’s first Thermal Hospital.

Thus, the Museum of Hospital and Caldas tells a little of the history that unfolded from the beginning of the construction of the Hospital to the present day.

In this space inaugurated in 1999 that had already served as “Caza Real” and today called the Royal Palace, we highlight, among many others, two pieces: the 16th Century Commitment Book (March 18, 1512) on parchment with illuminations, and where it describes ” a set of regulations that aimed at a correct hospital operation “, signed by Queen Dona Leonor herself.

It is from this museum that you have to schedule your visits to the Termal das Caldas Hospital or to the Chapel of São Sebastião.

Museu do Hospital e das Caldas, Caldas da Rainha, fonte, Gocaldas, o teu Guia Turístico Local


Caldas da Rainha
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