Paúl de Tornada in Caldas da Rainha


Paúl de Tornada in Caldas da Rainha

Paúl de Tornada in Caldas da Rainha, is located on the Tornada river bed. This Paúl is the main freshwater wetland in the western region, and is also one of the most important sites in this region for reed birds.

If you are interested in going on this adventure, you will know that the area is well served by access, and relatively easy (check the location on the map on your right) to find.

In addition to Paúl, where you can do bird watching on a well-defined and signposted route, there is an Ecological and Educational Center here, where environmental education activities are carried out.

Here in Paúl and depending on the season, it is possible to observe several species of water birds, namely ralids, water hen, coot and the rare caiman, ducks – teal and mallard – and white-faced cormorants.

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