Liliana Alves Jewelry in Caldas da Rainha


Liliana Alves Jewelry in Caldas da Rainha and her work is undoubtedly located in the artistic field.

What is born from her hands are unique pieces, which respond to the primordial human search for Beauty.

Liliana always starts from a fragment of reality that sensitizes her – be it fauna or flora, word or gesture, object, object detail … It is after her imagination that she poets shapes and colors, through the detailed manipulation of matter. If silver and filigree technique are characteristic elements of her work, her work never ends there, and Liliana combines them with the work of different materials, such as enamels, woods, stones or ceramics.

The focus of Liliana’s creations is on the other. Hence the concerns both in terms of ergonomics and freedom of use; thus, the versatility of many of its pieces, which unfold, multiply, «turned inside out», allowing a diversified use, according to the disposition of the soul of those who use it.

Since Jewelery is a world full of challenges, Liliana Alves explores it in detail, aiming at different details in each piece that she creates, within her own well-defined aesthetic.

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