Outbêco Caldas da Rainha

Brazilian Flavours

Brazilian roots at the table in Caldas da Rainha

Outbêco Caldas da Rainha is part of a franchise (OutBêco Portugal) that is proud of its Brazilian roots.

Established in Portugal in 2022, with seven stores strategically located throughout the country, Outbêco Portugal has quickly become a landmark on the Portuguese gastronomic scene.

The main dish is the unparalleled Piano de Entrecosto with barbecue sauce, meticulously prepared and expertly cooked to offer a flavor that is both intense and refined.

The OutBêco restaurant is located in the heart of Portugal and is an open invitation to all lovers of good food.

The restaurant has a dedicated and passionate team that strives to offer exceptional service, ensuring that every visit to Outbêco is an unforgettable experience.


OutBêco Caldas da Rainha - Restaurante de raízes Brasileiras

Here are the most requested dishes!

Bêco Ribs

Onion Flower

Ribs Burguer

Bêco Cheese

Bêco fries

Super Ancho

T-Bêco Bone

Crispy Ribs


Gingerbread churros

Sweet Brownie

Ribs Barbecue

OutBêco Caldas da Rainha Address


Tuesday to Friday – 12am to 03pm / 07pm to 11pm Saturday & Sunday – 01pm to 04pm / 07pm to 11pm Monday – Closed

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